Upcoming shows

9/28/2023 Chop Suey - Seattle, WA

9/29/2023 Honey Moon - Bellingham, WA

9/30/2023 Big Red - Portland, OR

10/21/2023 Trenchers - Redmond, WA

10/27/2023 The Rabbit Box - Seattle, WA

11/3/2023 The Blue Room - Bellingham, WA

11/4 Freakout Festival - Ballard, WA

11/18 Trenchers - Redmond, WA

With a keen eye for life and love, Serafima sings about the experience of a modern day woman in all its sparkle and grit. Through reflective hyperbole and honest observation her lyrics dance their way to the front of your heart, and live in the back of your head. But every pot needs a holder and The Shakedowns know how to distribute the heat. The band brings a unique “un-americana” sound, electrifying classic elements of The Golden Age of Radio, honky tonk, and Russian folk. With an unbridled love for artists like the Grateful Dead and Loretta Lynn, Serafima and the Shakedowns bring a lil sass to the country western world.

Photos by Jimmy Humphryes @PoundingTheNail